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Audience Research

PRO TIP: 2X your listening speed on all videos

The strategy is simple. This will be the number 1 hack of getting “unlimited” PROVEN content ideas, of what’s working in your market/niche. In order to optimize your profile and “feeding” the algorithm with the right information, I encourage you to unfollow everybody that isn’t within your niche. Alternatively, start a brand-new account with a new email address to start off on a clean slate.


Click in the search bar and type in the name of your niche or related words to your niche.

Then follow these steps:

1.     Click on “Tags”

2.     Find and follow the 15 biggest hashtags in your niche. (make sure they fit to your niche) large ones with millions of posts…

3.     Find and follow the 15 biggest creators (actively posting) within those hashtags. These don’t need to have millions of followers. Ones that are active and fit into your niche. When you find someone who’s content you like, look at who they follow or look at their hashtags and see whether they have interesting content that could fit. The posts can have anywhere from 1000 to unlimited high likes. For reels, look at the plays.

4.     Find the up and comers in your niche by going through hashtags and posts which have more than 45k+ views on their reels and perhaps less than 10k followers.

5.     Follow every other hashtag + other creators under those hashtags

6.     Once you’ve followed tags and creators go to your reels explore page and open up your new “library” of free content ideas.

Spend about 30min doing this research and finding out what content type works.


Once you’ve done that go to your reels explore page and save the best content ideas you can find.