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Choose Your Pathway

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Being your own boss is fun, so let's get started! If you're sitting there thinking...what's my next step, you're in the right place.

This lesson is all about choosing the pathway that's best for you.

How do you know which pathway is the best?  The answer is, just choose the pathway that has the lowest hanging fruit and is easy for you to convert.

So if you know a lot of business owners, start there.  (more later)
If you know a lot of individuals that could really use a side business, start there.

There's no right or wrong. You just need to choose what's going to be the easiest to convert.

The point of choosing what's easiest is so that you can get some quick wins, gain confidence and learn some skill along the way. All of this is going to be helpful for you when it comes to achieving your long term goals. It's also going to be helpful when you work with a cold market.

It's easy to get caught up in indecision when you're first launching your business.

As a matter of fact, I've seen many leaders get frozen in indecision because they are afraid to make the wrong choice. However, the wrong choice is when you don't choose anything.

Did you know?

A habit that milionaires have is that they will make a decision within the first 5 minutes as to what they want to do and then figure out the rest of it on the journey. They are okay with not being perfect. They are okay with not knowing all the answers. They are okay with making mistakes.

How does this settle with you when you hear this?
If it makes you nervous, it's normal.
But what isn't okay is not making a decision.

1. Download the choose your pathway document from the button below.

2. Go through the document and answer the questions.

3. Move on to the next lesson

PS  - If you're the kind of person that wants to just glance at the document and keep moving forward, don't do that. It will only delay your launch and create bad entrepreneurial habits.  Skipping action items is really a sign of trying to be perfect and perfection is a moving target.


DISCLAIMER*** Remember, this is a learn and earn process. You must first go through this training so that you can learn how to set up an online business correctly.  This means that a lot of this will be new to you. Give yourself grace to let it be new and to not know all the answers.

You must also choose a pathway and then use this pathway to practice setting up your online business presence.  Think of this as practice and at the end, you'll have your automated system set up... just like the pro's. Once you learn how to do this, you'll be able to...

✅ Promote business you want

✅ Teach another business how to do this

✅ Be more confident

✅ Have a solid understanding as to what the backbone of online automation truly looks like.

✅ Run an ad to your funnel

This is where you're headed.

Choose a pathway and let's goooooooo.