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Lime Funnels - Create Your Landing Page/GDPR

PRO TIP: 2X your listening speed on all videos


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1. Watch the video and work along beside the video as practice.

2. Read the enclosed document from the download for more tips

3. Go ahead and do this again creating your own landing page with your who and their pain points.  I know you're words won't be perfect, but done is better than perfect.

4. Research other leaders (to get creative ideas, inspiration and clarity) by checking out what they are saying on their social media.

** GDPR - The GDPR is mandatory in the EU and suggested in them U.S. We are integrating this incase you want to grow your business outside of the U.S.

Basically the GDPR says, "By submitting your email address, you agree to receive training, tips and other information that may be valuable."


"We love protecting you and will not sell your information, but rather by subscribing to our emails, you agree to receive training, tips and other information that may be valuable."

You get the point.


Reminders:  These are tips as to what works with a cold market - people you don't know. 

What's working now? Pumpkin orange! Make the headline orange, make the button orange.


White backgrounds are converting more easily.  Please keep your background white.

✅ The first line of your landing page should include your who, their pain and solution in the first sentence for the most conversions.

✅ Create 3 bullet points as to what your who will get when they get your lead magnet.

✅ Picture tips for landing page

  • No, the picture doesn't have to be pretty
  • Authentic works better, don't be afraid to use you in your picture.
  • Have your picture reflect your who and/or the promise that you're offering. If you are working with mom's of toddlers, take a pix of you and your toddlers and put it as the pix. You get the idea.

Great job! Keep going!