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Lead Magnet Pro Tips

At this portion of the training, you might feel like this is the hardest part so far.

That's normal.

Creating a lead magnet is so you can give value to your who.

If you want to offer a business opportunity, offer business tips for nurses.. business tips for teachers.. you get the point.

How do you find business tips?

You google them. "Business tips for a home based business" .. you are. detective, so search out the matter until you get some tips that you like and are unique.

Check out books, YouTube, google, tiktok...

Keep it simple but don't offer fluff..

The lead magnet is the foundation for your ad copy and your offer. So make it about the offer and offer value.

Do NOT post your lead magnet on the wall and ask us to review it for you.

You need to review it for yourself or make a friend and share it with them. 🤗

Check out the downloads to ensure that you have all the pieces needed for an effective lead magnet.

Use the "search video" feature (in this course) and type in the word Lead Magnet. Then watch enough lead magnet creations until it start to make sense.

Think of this as a skill that you are learning to develop. It should feel like it is pulling more from you than you thought possible. But I promise you, you are more than capable and will do well at this.

You are a professional, and professionals sometimes have to study to take their product to the next level and that is what you are doing now. After you create it, we will test it to see how your market likes it. This is a normal business practice.

The goal is to launch your lead magnet and then you will evaluate.  You will ask yourself what worked, what didn't and what do you need to do differently.


When creating your CTA on your lead magnet, make sure that your message is clear. For example..

Click here to talk to one of our consultants to discover which laptop lifestyle is best for you.

Button says: yes, I'm ready to get a laptop lifestyle!

Be creative but be clear...



1. Watch 5 lead magnet videos to study the foundational principles of an effective lead magnet.

 2. Click on the next lesson to see the different types of lead magnets that are available to you.

 3. Create your lead magnet on a word document

 4. Jump to the submission lesson and submit it to Janae for design.

You've got this! 💥💥

Heads Up Tip: When your lead magnet is returned to you.. you will link your questionnaire (wufoo form - Module 5) to the CTA in your lead magnet.