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Example of Creating A Lead Magnet

After doing some research, Valerie discovered that her who biggest challenge wasn't what she thought that it was. So what do you do when you find out information that wasn't in the same direction that you were heading?


You ask yourself questions.


Is the challenge that my who is facing really their biggest challenge or do they just perceive it to be their biggest challenge?


Is their answer a clue in the direction that I should be going as a solution for my who?


If you can recognize where they are right here and right now… What their mindset is as to what their challenge is right here and right now then you can master the journey that you will take them on to take them to their solution.


Check out the video above to watch how this unfolds.


****** After you watch the above video, go into the search bar and search the word lead magnet, watch a few of the recorded trainings on lead magnets to get deeper clarity on how this works and how to have a strong CTA*****