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Get A Personalized URL (GoDaddy)

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It's time to personalize the process.

Go to Godaddy and grab a URL that best represents you. Personally, I recommend using your name as your brand, because no matter what you choose to start down the road, you will always be able to leverage your name.

In this market, your prospects want to follow people, not trendy company names, and keep in mind that whatever URL you choose will be displayed on all the content pages that you will be creating.

A URL that you purchase should cost no more than $12.

As you go through the checkout process, it's going to ask you to spend a whole lot more money getting this and that.

At this point, don't fret it.. just stick with the basic URL.

Now Go Take Action!


1. Purchase a URL that best reflects you. We recommend purchasing your name or a portion of your name if your specific name is not available