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How To Know If Your Lead Magnet
Is Valuable To Your Prospects

PRO TIP: 2X your listening speed on all videos

Just because you think that a topic is valuable to you, doesn't make it valuable to your prospect.  This is why confirming your idea for the lead magnet is a valuable topic to your prospects and will help to ensure that you're offer is valuable.

1. Watch the video.

2. Come up with a plan for what your lead magnet is going to be. Then, create a simple google search with your Lead Magnet Topic Idea.

3. Look to see how many results include that topic... (ps - you don't need 1 billion results for it to be effective)

- sometimes having only 4 - 10 million results is fine too if it is a highly targeted group of people.

- what we're looking for here is that your topic is a topic that others are searching out. We don't want to recreate the wheel but instead put our own spin (our own voice) on a topic that others are already interested in.

4. Scroll through the results to get ideas and then narrow down your search by taking those new ideas you see and seeing where it takes you with search results.

NEXT: Check out other platforms too such as forums, Reddit, quora, and Facebook groups to see if people are active around your particular topic.

6. What words are they using in these groups?

Using their words for the title and inside of your lead magnet will help to create a connection with them that they can understand because you are using their words right back at them. Which makes them feel like they know you, like you, and trust you more.

*** Remember, the more specific you are, the more likely it is that your audience will hear your message and remember you as a leader.

7. Start to write an outline of your lead magnet.