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How To Make 10k/ Month

PRO TIP: 2X your listening speed on all videos

A substantial follower count does not necessarily translate to increased income. It's essential not to be misled by social media "standards" ingrained in us as content consumers. Your financial success on Instagram hinges on two critical factors:

  1. Your funnel (accessible through the link in your bio)
  2. Daily offer posts featuring a compelling call-to-action (CTA)

These two elements have the potential to significantly boost the monetary value per follower.


Step 1: Begin with your daily offer post featuring a call to action (CTA). It's essential to note that having the "best" content isn't necessary. Without a compelling call to action, a humorous or engaging video becomes a wasted effort. Despite the goal of creating engaging content to keep users on Instagram, the key to generating income is directing them away from the platform. The strategy involves enticing your followers or content consumers to click on your bio, access the link to your offer, convert on that page, and ultimately make a purchase.

However, many individuals execute this process incorrectly by posting content without a clear purpose. Even those with a substantial following (e.g., 10k followers) often struggle to attract attention to their bio. Consequently, the click-through rate remains low, with only a fraction of followers visiting the product page and an even smaller percentage making a purchase. To improve these odds, it's crucial to guide your followers by clearly stating the next steps. Designate your post as a daily offer, featuring a micro product (premium content) with a hint about its content, its benefits, and where to find it. Include a link in your bio with the offer name, emphasizing that the special deal is only available for that day. This approach encourages daily variation in offers or rotations.

Instruct your followers to acquire the micro product at a "micro price" (CTA), leading to increased traffic on your site and a higher likelihood of making a sale.

So, what exactly is a "Micro-Product"?

This could take the form of an ebook/report, a physical product (e.g., a necklace), or an online course. It serves as an affordable introduction to your services and products, generating leads for upselling higher-ticket items through email marketing. Essentially, you're building a list of potential customers.

Step 2: Implement a one-page funnel with an order bump to enhance the average order value (AOV). This isn't a homepage but a concise one-page website (funnel) designed to entice users into becoming leads for future upselling opportunities.

The components featured on this page, optimized for mobile use, include:

  1. "Impulse-Buy" price (low ticket 7$-27$)
  2. One-page checkout
  3. Headline
  4. Image
  5. Three bullet points outlining benefits
  6. Testimonial
  7. Money back guarantee

Step 3: Once they've bought your product you can upsell them on other offers using your email funnels and offers. Further delivering value to your customer and charging higher prices.