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How To Turn Off A Double Opt-In

Everything is set up for you to do the final task with your autoresponder which is it's time to turn off your double opt-in.

Now, before we do this, I want you to confirm that you have everything established before we do the final step.. Turn off your double opt-in.

A double opt-in does this.. when someone gives you their email address, an email will be sent to them saying, "Would you like to receive this information? The subscriber will have to click a link inside of the email in order to confirm that they want to receive something from you. Without boring you and explaining all the strict European laws... just trust me on this one.  🙂

So when it's turned off, and somebody subscribes to your emails to get your lead magnet… They will get it right away. The laws aren't as strict in the United States.

Which is good news for you.

So let's review before we go any further.

* How many emails do you have in your campaign series?  ( you should have 4 - 5)


Go here to learn how to turn off your double opt-in in your campaign.

Once it is turned off, go ahead and send yourself a test email to make sure that it's actually turned off.

if it ends up in the spam folder, don't fret.. done is better than perfect. That doesn't mean that all of your emails are going to always show up and people's spam folders.

Keep moving forward and after you launch your ad if you want to come back and add a DKIM feature (that increases deliverability) to your emails inside of Aweber. You can search that out inside Aweber's platform and they will show you how to do that.

You can also call them for support. They're great!