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How To Warm Up Your
Prospects + Email Template

PRO TIP: 2X your listening speed on all videos

The easiest way to write emails is to have a working "symptom" sheet where you have taken the time to write out the pain points of your prospect.

Effective digital marketing happens when you connect with your prospect at their pain level as compared to just pushing a sale. You always want to be a solution.

The only way to be a solution is to meet them where they are at.. their pain.. which is also their need to have someone show them the way to their solution rather than just someone pushing to sell products.

It will help them grow in the know, like, and trust factor towards you more quickly when you meet their needs.

I have also included a symptom worksheet to be filled out for greater clarity of your prospect's main pain points.

1. Watch the Video

2. Click the symptom worksheet below **make sure to duplicate sheet so that you can edit it yourself**

2. Fill out a symptom worksheet from the download