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Create Your Indoctrination Video

Let's create your videos.

Indoctrination Video Overview

You will create 2 videos..

1.  Indoctrination Value Driven Video - 

* 5 - 10 min - ish long

* Provide value for your who .. and then provide more value

* Since your who is looking for business opportunity or maybe just to learn more about digital marketing, give more business tips that support whichever angle you're focusing on for your business.

Giving more value will continue to warm up your leads to help them to trust you more.

Don't have any business tips? Google, Youtube or AI are great resources.

2. Meet Me Video -

*  2 - 5 min long.

1. Introduce yourself and congratulate them for getting this far in the process (Form, Scheduled call, this video).

 2. Tell them you will review their application and if they are the right fit to chat with, you will talk at the scheduled time.

3. Tell a story from that makes your relatable, your zero to hero story.

       - When did you struggle the most in your life?

- What did you do to recover the struggle?

-  What has caused you to do what you are doing now?

* Don't play victim but rather victor. Keep it positive and on the up and up. Talking about how you took responsibility for your own well being and this is why you are where you are today.

5. Finish by telling them you are looking forward to chatting with them and remind them to be in a quiet place with a pen/paper handy to take notes.

You can also add testimonials (can be from those you know or stories you have heard from others inside of Funnel Secrets Pro). The point of this part is to make you relatable.

Both videos will be put on a landing page inside of Lime Funnels. They are both on the same page. It will have a title that says something like "Watch This Before We Chat" Or any other title you think will get them to click and watch. Keep it short and to the point.

Because your business strategy is personalized, it's hard for me to tell you exactly what to say, and just like everything else in this journey, you will have to test it to discern what works best for your prospects.


1. Outline your 2 videos up above

2. Record your video (horizontal)

3. Place  video into Lime Funnels indoctrination page

As a reminder, this is the flow of your funnel.