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Let's Break Down The Closing

Sometimes hearing things a bit differently can help bring clarity.

Listen to the above video as I breakdown the closing process.


You MUST remember that closing is all about coaching your prospect from where their mindset is to where it needs to be in order for them to take a step forward and commit with you. Everyone will be in a different place when you meet them.

Most people think that closing is about selling, it's about coaching someone. When you get this concept, you will close a way higher percentage of calls. The world is waiting for a solution. Your solution. But you have to take your who on a journey of discovery with you and at their pace.

So the first part (connect) is about you hearing them, listening to them so you can discover where they are.

Do NOT share your video with them if you haven't coached them (by using questions) to get them to the place they need to be in order to hear your opportunity.

Otherwise, they will say no.

Most of the time, if they say no, it's because you didn't coach them effectively.

If they aren't excited about direct sales, you didn't coach them well enough through the process.

In this industry, we too easily go into a sales mentality where we are just promoting our company and our products. However, to truly engage with people you have to always remember that your prospect is somewhere on the market awareness continuum and you have to discover that and then through questioning take them on a journey of discovery until they get to the place where they are ready.

How long does this take?

About 15 min.

Don't worry if you aren't great at it at first.

You'll get better with more practice. I know I had to practice on a lot of people before I understood this concept.

And you might too

Don't despise your small beginnings, you've got this.

Find their pain, find out where they are on the continuum and don't stop asking questions until you discover those 2 pieces.

when you get those answers, then decide if you have to coach them or not to get them to say yes to your opportunity.

if you have to coach them, then do it.

If you don't, go to part 2 (share)

Final note: Don't forget tech breaks a lot and people mess it up a lot. . always consider the tech broken when they don't show up and reach out immediately if they aren't there. Call, text and email. Follow up is key.

No one goes through this entire process and then skips out on the end if they didn't have genuine interest. Typically there's something that got in the way. So I assume there was some thing and follow up like crazy.

Go get em!