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Meet One Of Your Coaches!


Meet Janae

You could say I raised her up in the industry because I've  been working with her for a very long time.

Yes, she's my daughter. 🤣  When she was 18 years old, she spent $3,000 of her baby sitting money to purchase a digital marketing course.  This means that for the past 7 years she's been working in the industry, got her B.A. in the industry  and has been working as one of my coaches for the past 5 years.  She know's her online stuff.

So when I say, being a leader in your family influences your family more than you realize, it's because I've seen that evident in my life which means it can be possible for your life too.

Janae has put together this Quick Start Launch module so you can get some fast wins!

We want you to hit the ground running.

This entire module is about personalizing the system that we've created for you. It's a plug and play which means each lesson is going to walk you through how to personalize Funnel Secrets Pro as your own offer.

Don't skip around!

Do everything the lesson asks you to do before you move on to the next lesson so you don't miss anything.

This should take you about 2 hours to get through this module. Unless you get interrupted by the dryer, or the amazon package delivery... then it might take a bit longer.

One more thing, – once your offer is out there, I want to make sure you circle back and complete the rest of the FSP trainings (starting in module 3) so that you can be your own boss.

Leveling up your digital marketing skills is where the real magic happens, allright?

Just wanted to give you a friendly heads-up before you start..

Ready, Set...... GGGOOOOOOOOOO!!!!


Okay, onto the next lesson 🤗