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Other Peoples Content

PRO TIP: 2X your listening speed on all videos

Here's the good news, you can use other peoples content on your feed!


1. Watch the video and then find creators in your niche that have a high following and engagement rate on their posts. You can screen record their reel whereafter you will make a 2 slide carousel post.

  1. First slide is for the hook and title image evoking curiosity
  2. Second slide is for the video you recorded that fulfils on the hooks promise. - The aspect ratio will be a bit different so you'll have to slide the video into the frame of the slide. It doesn't have to be perfect and it might be cut off in certain places.


We're NOT qualified law professionals, nor are we giving you legal advice, HOWEVER! As a best practice, for your content not to be flagged as plagiarism/copyright infringement etc., ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS credit the original creator of the content. If need be, reach out in a direct message, to the creator, and ask, whether you may use their content for a post. If they don't answer you can always go ahead and post BUT credit the creator with their name. If they wish for you to remove it, then they have the opportunity to reach out to you as they'll be tagged in the post.

As an example:

YOUR caption in the post description

.... .... ..... .... ....

"Original post is from @creatorname" -  in your caption.

and your Hashtags at the end.