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Setting Up Your Auto-Responder (Emailing System)

PRO TIP: 2X your listening speed on all videos

It's time to set up your emailing system,

1. Go HERE to learn how to get started and become familiar with your emailing system. When it asks for your website URL, go ahead and put your Godaddy URL you purchased into the blank.

2. Get familiar with a list. What is it, what is it used for. Click HERE. Make sure you turn off the double opt-in. See video up above.

3. Create your first campaign by Clicking Here and following these directions.

4. Write your first test email. I want you to practice. I know you may not know what to put in your email and that's okay. Just write a few sentences to get familiar with how the system works.

5. Test your email to make sure it is working correctly.

Check your email to see how it looks. The font can get wonky sometimes, so just confirm it's what you want.

I know this is just a test, but don't forget to PROOFREAD what you just wrote.

6. Here's why you should always test an email.  Click HERE

PRO TIP: Don't use their templates - sure they look great, but the email sending tracker knows you're using templates and that lowers the deliverability of your email.

Write the email like you're writing to a friend.

Keep the font at about 16 because your emails will stand out from other emails that have tiny font. Always make it easy for your prospects to read what you send.

Go ahead and play around getting familiar with the basic flow... we will dive more deeply into what should be included in your emails in the upcoming lessons.

PS - Things To Remember...

  1. In order to have access and the ability to turn the double opt-in off, you have to upgrade to the Pro Plan. Otherwise, if you don't turn off the double opt-in, everyone that receives your email will have to click a button in your email saying that they want to receive emails from you. See next lesson on how to do this.
  2. You don't have to start out with a personalized email address, but eventually, for higher levels of deliverability, you're going to want to have one. Go Daddy is a great resource to get one from if you don't already have one.