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Legal Details

When you're running an online business,  you usually need a few legal papers to keep things safe and clear for both you and your customers.  Here are the ones that will help you get started in your online presence.

Privacy Policy: If you take any personal info from people, you need to tell them what you're getting, how you'll use it, where you'll keep it, and if you'll share it with anyone.

Terms of Service or Terms and Conditions: These are the rules for using your site or service. They tell people what they can and can't do and protect you by making clear what you're responsible for (or not).

Disclaimer: If you're giving out advice or information, a disclaimer is like saying, "Here's what I think, but I might not be 100% right, so don't blame me if things don't work out." It's a way to limit your responsibility for what you're saying or offering.

Basically, these documents are there to cover you legally and make sure everyone using your service knows the rules and what to expect.


1. Print off the downloadable document and follow the directions.


Disclaimer: LimeLabs Marketing LLC, is not a lawfirm and its employees cannot hand out legal advice. This should not be a substitute for a lawyer or legal advice.  This is a digital training company and you can use this information at your own discretion.