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The Perfect Bio

PRO TIP: 2X your listening speed on all videos

Every potential follower will look at your profile pic and scan over your bio FIRST, before looking at anything else. If this is set up correctly you have already set the tone in the minds of the users of what they can expect to learn from your content.


Use the following formular to write out your new bio now.

First, your business or personal brand name followed by a keyword that relates to your niche.

As an example:

Smith’s Fitness | Personal Training

AI-Helper | AI Platform

Josie Sanchez | Doula in CO

Secondly, use the remaining three lines as follows: - These change as you or your brand changes.

“(Emoji related to niche) Why follow you?” What expertise or qualifications do you have?

“(Emoji related to niche) How can you assist me?” Mission Statement. Should be current and can change throughout your journey.

“(Emoji – pointing down finger) Where can I learn more?” – about offers, freebies, etc. Get my best training for free, etc. – This is the reference to Link in bio you read in a lot of posts.

Think of this as “Why, how, where”.


Write out your new bio now. It doesn't have to be perfect, these evolve over time.