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The Pointers Post

PRO TIP: 2X your listening speed on all videos

In this lesson I'm going to show you how you can quickly and easily come up with content ideas leveraging the power of AI. This post type is all about delivering quick pointers that add value to the person watching/reading it, whilst being entertained with a fitting background video.


1. Watch the video and then head over to Canva to start your very own "Pointers Post". It might take a while longer the first couple times, but once you have a solid workflow you should be able to create these within about 10-15min per post.

MOST IMPORTANTLY! It doesn't have to be perfect. Your hook is what "reels" - see what I did there 🫣 - the viewer in. Find the best most curiosity evoking hook and then fulfil on the hooks promise by giving the viewer the solution in point form.

This is and can be a lot of fun, because you are going out there to demonstrate and show people how awesome your product/service/ is. Sometimes in a direct other times in an indirect way.

As you go about making these reels you will get better with time. The main thing is getting it done and posted. You'll only know if a post/reel will work once it's out there. We are always busy testing what hooks and content works best. Once you've found what works, rinse and repeat.