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Your Prosperity Roadmap!

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If you're curious how to earn with Funnel Secrets Pro, this graphic gives you a visual of how to make it happen.  We like to call it your simplified prosperity roadmap to your first 6 figures.

You choose the level you want to achieve and see what it takes to get there.

Tier 1: To hit this level, you need to sell 2 courses, which would generate a one time payout of $1,194 and a monthly revenue up to $58/monthly payouts. If all things remain the same, after 12 months, your total earnings will be up to $1,890.

Tier 2:  To hit Tier 2, this means you've sold 8 courses. This will generate  $4,616 profit plus the opportunity for a monthly income of $271, which would create a total earning in 12-months  of $8,299.

Tier 3: To get to tier 3, you would sell 16 courses, which will create a one time payout of $9,232 profit PLUS up to $632/monthly payouts and that totals $17,770 in a 12 month cycle.

Tier 4:  This is where you hit your first 6 figures! To get there, you will sell  90 courses and which will provide you with a one time (overall payout) of $51,930 profits, PLUS it will also create for yourself a monthly revenue up to $4,068. If all things remain the same and you clients continue to use your softwared, you'll hit your first 6 figures at  $106,614.

So choose your dream, set your goals and let's rooooollll..