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Want Us To Design Your Lead Magnet?

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We wanna love on you a bit. 

So our design team is here to help you ease your burden of lead magnet design by designing your own personalized lead magnet for your who.

Here's what you need for a successful lead magnet.

✅ Choose your who

✅ What's your who's greatest challenge?

✅ What's your solution to their greatest challenge?

✅ Submit 3 lead magnet titles

Wanna know how your title ranks for conversion? check out these headline analyzers.



Now it's time for the lead magnet!

✅ Create a word document (use whatever you have on your computer)

✅ Put the words that you want in your lead magnet (include titles, sub-headlines or anything else you want to have) - this is the part you will submit to us.
☀️ Check grammar
☀️ Check spelling

Be sure to be creative and add info into the magnet that is not readily available or average. This will help build up the know-like and trust factor more quickly when you offer value that is unique and beneficial.  Don't be generic.

**** Disclaimer.  This is the piece of your funnel that is one of the most important pieces of content.  It will be the hub of all content that your funnel is created from. That means if this takes you a moment to get your rough draft together, don't let that concern you. (try to keep this part under 2 days of creation time... it's important but don't let it consume you.. there's a balance. 😊)


🎯 Have your bestie read it, and let your spouse look it over...

You've got this!  Now let's go create and then come back here to let us design it!

because let's be honest, no one wants to read a BORING word document