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How To Create Your Lead Magnet

It's time to create your lead magnet!

Up until now, you have...

1. Identified who you are targeting

2. Know their biggest pain point

3. Now it's time to speak to your "who" by acknowledging their biggest pain point and giving them a solution to help their pain go away which is why we have the lead magnet.

4. Choose the title of your lead magnet. - We recommend brainstorming 10 different titles and make them very different and then narrow it down to the top title choice. 

💥 For example 💥

  • 7 ways nurses are adding extra funds to their monthly paycheck with a side hustle.
  • 5 Ways Empty Nesters Are Accelerating Their Earnings So That They Can Travel More
  • This Teacher Quit Her Job And What Happened Next
  • How Mom's Are Starting A Digital Business From Their Kitchen Tables

You choose your lead magnet title by making it up. Literally, just decide what you want to talk about and use that as your baseline. Don't overthink this. Rememer, done is better than perfect and there is never perfection when it comes to digital marketing because digital mareketing is always a work in progress. So go ahead, write down a couple ideas of what your lead magnet title could be based upon the above information.

5. Now, google. Type your headline into google and see what it pulls up. Open some of the links that look promising, take some inspriation from what you are seeing and start to jot down some thoughts that were highlighted to you as you read through the links. Remember,  you are a detective, so search out the matter until you get some tips that you like and are unique.

6. Go to bard.google.com type in the name of your lead magnet title and see what ideas it gives you. The thing about using an AI is that I want you to also run the information that it gives you through your filter of common sense. If it doesn't make sense, search out the matter until it either makes sense or until you decide you don't like that information. Just because it's an AI, doesn't make it perfect for what you're doing. If you have a question as to why it told you what it told you then go ahead and ask it that question. Consider AI to be like a friend sitting at the kitchen table that you're having a conversation with. to learn more about AI, feel free to pick up my book, "How Women Are Making Money Online With Chat GPT"

7. Write your opening paragraph. By now you should have a pretty good list of ideas on what you can put into your lead magnet and now I want you to dig deep and go back to middle school English class where they taught you how to write papers. This is where those skills are going to become valuable. Just in case, you don't remember those classes...

Here's a brief outline of how you can lay out your lead magnet.

  1. Your first paragraph is the opening paragraph.  The very first sentence in your paragraph should address your who, and remind them of their painpoint and  the soution. For example...As a stay at home mom of toddlers, having a business opportunity that you can operate from the kitchen table during nap time will allow you to have your thing and be able to contribute to your family's bottom line.  In this guide, I'm going to talk about the different ways you can earn and show you what signs to look for as to which offer is the best one to choose.The first paragrah is the introduction into what your guide is about.
  2. The second paragraph is the place where you will address the first topic you want to talk about which is the first thing they need to know in order to be able to fulfill the promise of your lead magnet title.For example your opening sentence should highlight what this paragraph is about..With so many business opportunities out there, let's talk about the types of lucrative business opportunities that you can build from your kitchen table during nap time.You will spend this entire paragraph talking about  3 - 5 opportunities and make sure that your offer is in there. Position your offer to be the best sounding offer; because it is.

    You continue to build upon the information that you're giving to your who, until you get to the last paragraph. Inside of the last paragraph, you will need to have a call to action. A call to action (CTA).

    A CTA, or call to action, is a statement that tells the reader what to do next. CTAs are often used in marketing and advertising to encourage people to take a specific action, such as signing up for a discovery call, make a purchase, click a button, etc.

    You want to be direct with your CAT and tell the reader exactly what to do, such as "Click here to book a discovery call"

    Here's an example of what will be in the final paragraph...

    If you're serious about understanding how you can launch a business from your kitchen table during nap time, then click the button down below and fill out our pre-qualifying application to talk to one of my coaches. During this time we will answer your questions and help guide you on that pathway that is best for you.


1. Go ahead and write your lead magnet. It should not take you more than 2 days to get this written.

You need to review it for yourself or make a friend and share it with them. 🤗

Check out the downloads to ensure that you have all the pieces needed for an effective lead magnet.