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Mastering The Art Of The Close

PRO TIP: 2X your listening speed on all videos


1. Watch the video

It's time to talk to your prospect!  Congrats!

I always recommend using zoom. So if you don't have a free zoom account, get one now.  Not only do you want your prospect to see you because those that see you can know you better, but you want to see your prospect.  You want to see who you will could be your potential business partner or customer.

Don't be nervous... because this step is about connecting with your lead in a way that they will feel like you are authentically and genuinely engaged.

1. Be friendly and keep the spot light on them.
2. Ask them to tell you a little bit about themselves and what has caused them to want to book a call with you.
3. Ask them what is working for them (encourage them to focus on 2 - 3 things)
4. Ask them what isn't working for them (keep it at no more than 2 things..- trust me.. they could go on and on... lol )
5. Discuss what they have tried in order to remedy their frustration
6. Talk briefly about your solution for their lack
7. Gather all the questions they have (write them down)
8. Answer all their questions at one time
9. Ask them if there are any other questions.
10. Welcome them aboard and help them sign up