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Create Your Indoctrination Page

PRO TIP: 2X your listening speed on all videos

After someone has made it all the way through your funnel and they have scheduled a time with you, this is the last time that you  will have a connection with them before your call. It's your last warm up opportunity. We call it your indoctrination video and it will continue to warm them up and get them excited to talk to you.

When people purchase a more high ticket offer, just sending someone to your website or sales page creates less conversions and this is why we have the indoctrination page.

This will greatly increase the chance that they will show up to the appointment they booked with you and it increases the chance of an affiliate sale.

Most of the time this is the step that most online marketers are missing in their online strategies. This is the secret spice that will get them on a zoom with you.


1. Watch the video and create your template for your indoctrination video.