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Indoctrination Video Overview

1.  Indoctrination Value Driven Video - 

* 5 - 10 min - ish long

* Provide value for your who .. and then provide more value

* Since your who is looking for business opportunity or maybe just to learn more about digital marketing, give more business tips that support whichever angle you're focusing on for your business.

Giving more value will continue to warm up your leads to help them to trust you more.

Don't have any business tips? Google, Youtube or AI are great resources.

Some additional Insights

This is all about true relationship building. It's where you get to educate your who and provide more value in a meaningful way. By doing this, you'll help to clarify who you are in your prospect’s mind and it will show your prospects what you can do to make their lives better.

When done well,  this will increase conversion rates and make prospects more receptive to your offers.

Important warning > > > There should be zero sales messages in an indoctrination

It’s all too easy to disrupt the growing relationship by creating a bad first impression - which would be pushing the ‘buy buy buy’ button too quickly.  Do NOT use this time to sell.

This is all about building trust.

Key Ingredients For Your Indoctrination Video


1. Highlight the problem/pain (again): your prospect came to see you for a reason, don't change yoru messaging now. Stick with the same message that attracted them in the first place and use this as your opener.

2. Success Stories: Share stories of people who have personal experience with alleviating the problem/pain.  This helps others see what they might achieve when their pain is alleviated. Don't mention your business here.  If you don't have any success stories, use someone else's.

3. Discuss the industry trends: Help your prospect understand how the trends that are happening right now are creating an opening for your offer to be a brilliant solution for their problem/pain.  This is where you connect the current trends to the concept of digital businesses. Don't give away what your offer is. Keep it high level.

4. Educate on Digital Business Solutions: Give a basic overview of what a digital business is and how they are uniquely positioned to solve the current problems.  Focus on the advantages of digital solutions, like their scalability, flexibility, and no limit on earnings.  (Be sure to not make a promise as you don't know if they will do the work.)  Doing this step will help establish a general understanding and appreciation for digital business models.

5. Introduce Your Business Philosophy: Without revealing specific details about your business, this where you talk about how you got to where you are. What your 3 core values for your business are and how that supports their business journey.

6. Address objectives:  Think of this as a preemptive FAQ:  For example, think about common objections or questions people might have at this point and address them. This helps build trust and reduces any hesitations they might have about proceeding. You could say, "You might be sitting there thinking..." and literally call out the top 2 - 3 objectives.

7. Revisit Testimonials: At this point bring in 2 more success stories that talk about what their life is like now that they have a digital busines.  As they are talking, it would be great if you could showcase a success story that specifically addresses common objections that you mentioned in #6. OR the success stories can show how others had similar doubts but found success through your business.

8. Give A Call to Action:  Remind them of their scheduled appointment with you and tell them what to briefly expect when they meet with you.


Remember, throughout your video, you're guiding potential clients through a journey. You start by aligning with their needs and end by offering them a clear path to meeting those needs through your business. Each step builds on the last, creating a compelling narrative that leads naturally to your call to action to show up for their meeting they scheduled. It's important to maintain a balance between providing valuable information and building curiosity about your specific business. The goal is to educate and engage your audience, leading them naturally towards wanting to learn more about and potentially join your business.


1. Outline your 2 videos up above

2. Record your video (horizontal)

3. Place  video into Lime Funnels indoctrination page

As a reminder, this is the flow of your funnel.