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The Marketing Plan

Every Successful Business Has A Marketing Plan

A successful marketing plan does not mean being busier with manual work, it means being more productive. All businesses are looking at how they can produce more with less effort and then when they find that sweet spot, they do what’s called scaling.

Scaling is focusing on moving from doing the everyday work to managing systems that produce the everyday work for you and this is where you begin to reach your goals and set your time more free.

Funnel Secrets Pro is teaching you how to scale online businesses so that you can scale your business and help others scale their businesses too.

Let’s begin by looking at the 3 phases of the Marketing Journey. This journey is something that you will be taking yourself though which will help you understand how to additionally take others through.

A solid business offer will take a prospect from not knowing that you existed to a raving and paying client/customer.

Phase 1: Traffic - Getting more eyeballs on your offer

Every potential client/customer starts as a prospect.  There are 2 kinds of prospects. Those that have never heard of you and those that have heard something about you but aren't sure you're the right solution for their needs.

In order to get as many eyes on what you're doing, you'll want to create a low ticket offer that will be super valuable and get it out in front of the prospects that are looking for this solution.

For example, you wanted to know how to create a digital business. We put our content in front of you showing you all the steps to create that digital business. This was valuable enough to you that it made you want to get to know us more and you did. Now you're working with us.

That's the power of providing value to prospects before you ask for the sale and if you want to get more eyes on the offer, offer something that is valuable.

Phase 2: Conversion - The process of turning your traffic into customers


This is the time when your target market (aka prospect) becomes a lead. It means they have received something from you that was valuable to them in their journey. Sometimes it’s something they downloaded but in actuality, it can be many different pieces of value (more on that later).

When this lead purchases from you because of the value that you offered, you know they have finished this part of the journey.


Phase 3: The Customer - They join you and begin the journey of getting to know you more.


If you provide the best products/service/experience, then your customers will become more and more faithful to you.  This creates for long-term business stability and they become a raving fans and will recommend you to others.

And in a nutshell, that’s how businesses succeed because It really IS that simple.  But we must move people from traffic to conversion to a customer by creating by putting together a machine that creates an automated process. This allows your traffic to choose when and how they’ll engage with you. When they own the journey, they will walk through those 3 steps much more quickly.  Additionally, automation frees you up so you can focus on adding more value to your business.

Putting this process together is what will create financial freedom and time flexibility and both are needed in order to reach the ultimate business success.
Financial freedom and Time Flexibility can only be created by scaling your business. Scaling can only be achieved by either a) hiring more people to work or b) creating marketing machines that do the work for you.  It’s impossible to scale to a larger financial return if you’re the only one doing the work.

Nowhere in the history of time has it been easier to scale without having more people doing the work. With online resources, such as Lime Funnels, the ability to create a process that does the work for you is literally at your fingertips and is accessible while sitting on your couch.

And so to make this happen, we must create a marketing machine called a funnel.  A funnel is an upside-down triangle that creates a virtual automated process (called a marketing machine) that moves someone from traffic to conversion to the final result…customer.

Many people want to just start with the sale, but there’s a lot to be done before we get there.

So when we talk about marketing fundamentals it’s good to keep in mind the 3 phases of the Marketing Journey. Lime Funnels is created to help you move people through these 3 phases with ease not just for you, but also for your prospect.