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What Happens When You Sell
Funnel Secrets Pro

When someone purchases Funnel Secrets Pro, the money they pay drops directly into your bank account. (We'll show you how to set that up in the next module.)

1. They receive an email welcoming them.

Every person that wants to have an online busines MUST have a software that runs their online presence.  When your client purchases FSP they will be invited to also purchase the software that this course recommends. You will have a referral link connected to you.

As long as you have an active account with Lime Funnels Pro, when they also have an active account with Lime Funnels Pro, you'll receive a payout on their purchase for every month that they pay for the service.

If you don't have the software, you will not receive a payout on their purchase.

We have discovered that 98% of our users get the software because it's easy to follow along with the training. Additionally, it has more features than most industry softwares making it a competitive pricing structure that's simple to use.